Current Projects

Hush: An Interview with America (2013)

“…the artist is a self-critically engaged agent in particular situations, calling for reclamation of the sacred and the future in a world that seems in many ways to be dying.” – Deborah Haynes



Now at the Uncertain HourResistance

A mosaic of memoirs derived from interviews conducted throughout rural America, the program is  a theatrical dialogue of these stories and original music for live performance, streaming video, and broadcast radio in which the characters give pause in an ordinary world in an effort save what is nearly gone. The project’s creative team includes director Charles M Pepiton, playwright Damon Falke, musician Camilla Ammirati, and artist Wes Kline with support from New York Council for the Humanties, Shechem Press, North Country Public Radio, and St. Lawrence University. Premiering May 9, 2014, from Edwards Opera House.  (Click here for more info.)

Romeo Juliet (redux) SLU Arts Collaborative - Studio Matejka

An original adaptation of the play that charts the course of the tragedy through a Möbius strip-like structure. The show is a production of St. Lawrence University’s Performance & Communication Arts department and will perform in April 2014. Studio Matejka’s Magdalena Koza, Daniel Han, and Alexandra Kazazou will join the collaborative team for the production.  [Redux Script]


Other Projects:

Artist Broadside Series 2014 – Shechem Press

Working to coordinate and publish a series of three collaborative broadsides with artist Rebekah Wilkins-Pepiton and poets Stephen Behrendt, Robert Wrigley, and Saara Raappana. Available March 2014 online at and in select bookstores.


Recent Conferences/Workshops:

SLU Adirondack Semester – Wilderness Site Specific Performance Workshops – Sept-Nov 2013 (Workshop Leader)

AMSND SilhouetteA series of performance workshops with students living and learning at Arcadia, the SLU yurt village in the Adirondacks, during the semester-long wilderness emersion program. An opportunity for students to discover the difference between merely seeing and really looking at nature. Students experience a deeper, more visceral sense of knowing the natural environment through the creation of individual site specific performances. The workshops explore a variety of physical theatre and journaling techniques equipping students to read and express the various textures, smells, sounds, and movements found in their particular sit-spots in the wilderness.

Double Edge Theatre – Winter Training Intensive – January 2014 (Participant)

An immersive introduction to Double Edge Theatre’s 31-year-old original training methodology layering individual and group work, rigorous physical training with improvisation, design, dramaturgy, the voice, and work with objects and flying.