Current Projects


“…the artist is a self-critically engaged agent in particular situations, calling for reclamation of the sacred and the future in a world that seems in many ways to be dying.” – Deborah Haynes

In Production:

Laura, or Scenes from a Common World

Laura, or Scenes from a Common World—
the newest original work from Square Top Theatre—explores the borderlands between film, theatre, dance, literature, and the contemporary fine arts. Laura combines visceral physicality, lyrical poetry, and evocative cinematography to explore one woman’s struggle to make herself at home in the world. Her struggle begins as a common one. A boy has left her. In losing him, she becomes less sure of the roles other people play in her self-creation. She seeks security in isolation only to find that landscape, community, and physical embodiment all ground who we are in ways she cannot escape. In this spare five-part drama, inspired by Ovid’s Apollo and Daphne myth, audiences see Laura seeking freedom by running away from the world, yet finding freedom, ultimately, in rootedness. The project draws together artists from across the globe. Theatremaker Charles M Pepiton (USA/Washington), poet Damon Falke (USA/Norway), and artist Wes Kline (USA/New York) previously collaborated on Square Top Theatre’s Now at the Uncertain Hour. For Laura, this team will be joined by printmaker Rebekah Wilkins-Pepiton (USA/Washington), costume designer Leslie Stamoolis (USA/Washington),  performer Alexandra Kazazou (Greece/Poland), and movement director Daniel Han (USA/Australia). An official selection of 2016 AVIFF Cannes (May 17-19, 2016) (Click here for more info.)


Freud’s Last Session

Freud’s Last Session by Mark St. Germain “centers on legendary psychoanalyst Dr. Sigmund Freud who invites the young, rising Oxford Don C.S. Lewis to his home in London. On the day England enters World War Two, Freud and Lewis clash about love, sex, the existence of God, and the meaning of life, just weeks before Freud took his own life. Freud’s Last Session is a deeply touching play filled with humor and exploring the minds, hearts and souls of two brilliant men addressing the greatest questions of all time.” Produced by Wayland Baptist University. The cast features Marti Runnels as Freud and Cory Norman as Lewis. Scenography by Mark Kirk. The production will open at WBU in April 2016 before moving to Lubbock, Texas, in May 2016, which will include a panel discussion with Irish philosopher and storyteller Peter Rollins. It then will perform at Gonzaga University‘s Magnuson Theatre on September 9-10, 2016.


Recent Projects:

A Story of America Goes Walking – Shechem Press – May 2016

Worked to coordinate and publish poet Saara Myrene Raappana and artist Rebekah Wilkins-Pepiton‘s collaborative response to Thoreau’s essay “Walking”, offering a new American mythology in words and images.13248466_10153654124368017_6120765591754714366_o

 – Uncharted Territory 2 – Peter & the Wolf – May 2016

This is the story of / A bunch of amazing local artists / Teaming up with the world-class Spokane Symphony / To reimagine  / PETER & THE WOLF!


BoH_SqPosterBook of Hours – Gonzaga University – February 2016

Gonzaga University presents a highly physical, devised theatrical event. Written in 1899 when the poet was just 23 years old, Rilke’s Book of Hours remains a startlingly raw and relevant collection of love poems to the divine. Rilke writes as a young man desperate to forge his own understanding.  He loves.  He doubts.  He struggles for meaning in an uncertain time. Devised by the ensemble and based on Book of Hours by Rainer Maria Rilke as translated by Joanna Macy and Anita Barrows. (Click here for more info.)


Terrain – Uncharted Territory – March 2015

A first-of-its-kind collaboration between the Spokane Symphony and Terrain, pairing some of Spokane’s most inspiring emerging musicians, thespians, and authors with the full force and might of the Spokane Symphony. (KPBX Radio Interview)


Refractions by Stephen C. Behrendt – Shechem Press – September 2014

Worked to coordinate and publish poet Stephen C. Behrendt’s fourth collection of poetry. The five part collection includes original woodcut prints from artist Rebekah Wilkins-Pepiton


Now at the Uncertain Hour – Square Top Theatre – May 2014

An intriguing theatrical event from Square Top Theatre for live NATUH_PR_SquareThumb100dpiperformance, online streaming, and broadcast radio written by Damon Falke. The premiere performance reached a combined live onsite/offsite audience of 46,053. The show takes the audience on a journey through the landscape of a soldier’s memory as a collector attempts to make sense of what will be left behind. The show asks: in the midst of the relentless currents of time, what can we take hold of that will go on, that will not be lost? The stories blend with the sounds of old time banjo and modular synthesizer to create a unique listening experience. The show premiered in May 2014 at Edwards Opera House, on North Country Public Radio, and online at (Click here for more info.)


Double Edge Theatre – Winter Training Intensive – January 2014 (Participant)

An immersive introduction to Double Edge Theatre’s 31-year-old original training methodology layering individual and group work, rigorous physical training with improvisation, design, dramaturgy, the voice, and work with objects and flying.