• Current Projects

    “…the artist is a self-critically engaged agent in particular situations, calling for reclamation of the sacred and the future in a world that seems in many ways to be dying.” – Deborah Haynes

  • Portfolio

    “Action bears the same relation to the art of the theatre as drawing does to painting, and melody does to music. The art of the theatre has sprung from action-movement-dance.” – Edward Gordon Craig

  • Teaching

    “There is something incomparably intimate and productive in the work with the actor entrusted to me. He must be attentive and confident and free, for our labor is to explore his possibilities to the utmost.” – Jerzy Grotowski

  • Et Cetera

    “…Praise the mutilated world and the gray feather a thrush lost and the gentle light that strays and vanishes and returns.” – Adam Zagajewski